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The Curious Case of Dean Winchester Full Recap - Supernatural WikiThe episode begins with a man who comes home, goes to the bathroom and starts aging very rapidly. His wife runs in and is freaked out, starts screaming.

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Next, we go to Sam and Dean, who are posing at CDC agents. They want to see a body at the morgue. It's the man we saw before. He is a 25-year-old male, now dead of old age. Bobby is also with the boys on this case and he's grumpy as ever. They follow the case to another strange incident in town, in which an old man is missing. Sam and Dean hunt him down, but now he's young and super hot.

This guy reveals he played a poker game, came out ahead, and was miraculously younger. It was an Irish guy named Patrick that roves around, finding people to play. He's the one with age mojo. The Winchesters decide to split up and try to find Patrick.

Dean finds the game, but Bobby gets there first and loses many hands. He is now aging and Dean gripes him out for playing. Dean, pissed off, marches into the bar and finds Patrick. Dean agrees to play, asks to buy in with 50 years, and then immediately gives 25 back to Bobby. Smooth.

Next, Sam finds Dean back at hotel. Looks like his luck wasn't so great, as he is now 50 years older. Sam says he looks like Emperor Palpatine. Nice nerd reference! They then decide to steal Patrick's chips and say his magic words to get Dean back his years. They think that is where the magic lies.

The Curious Case of Dean Winchester Full Recap - Supernatural WikiThey follow Patrick to a building with no working elevator, so Bobby has to wait. Also, Dean is having trouble climbing the stairs. They soon break into Patrick's place, cracks open his safe and then grab some chips. Unfortunately, Patrick and his lady friend find them. Patrick is merely amused and tells them that the chips don't hold the magic, he does. He says Sam can play him for Dean's years. No, Sam can't play very well, and Dean's too old.

Patrick lets them leave, but before they go, he claps three times. A "parting gift" for Sam. "Dude, I think that he-witch just gave you the clap," says Dean. D'oh!

Later, Patrick's girl is in the boys' motel room and gives Dean and Bobby a reversal spell. It will zap everyone who has been affected, reversing all the age mojo, including her and Patrick. They don't know why she's doing this.

We then go to an old man who is playing Patrick and looking very nervous. Patrick folds, even though he has a great hand. Then, he tells the old man to cash out. "I'm a nice guy," Patrick says.

Next, Sam tries to play Patrick at poker. He's there to get some of Patrick's DNA in order to accurately complete the reversal spell. They use Patrick's toothpick… but wait! Patrick's on to them and did a switcheroo with a toothpick that was never put in his mouth.

This makes Patrick angry and he accuses Sam of cheating. When Patrick tries to kill Sam, Patrick's girl stops him and reveals that she gave them the reversal spell. She's mad at him about something. Patrick sits down and tells Sam to continue. Patrick reveals that Dean will be dead within minutes, so Sam plays more in a panic. A few bluffs later, Sam wins Dean's years back.

Next we see Dean, young and fresh again, dancing a jig. Later, we see Patrick and his girl playing the game. She says she misses her family and doesn't want to do this anymore. They play and she loses, saying, "thank you" as she ages to her death. Also, Sam gets his shot for his magic STD.

Dean then apologizes to Bobby for being a jerk to him while he was old. He also gives Bobby a pep talk, telling him he's needed and valued, even in the wheelchair. The episode ends with Bobby tearing up. Awww….

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Chad Everett was born June, 11 1936 in South Bend Indiana under the given name "Raymon Lee Cramton". His early hit show from the 70's was Medical center. He has done over 40 films including the remake of "Psycho".

Before guest starring as the old Dean Winchester in "The Curious Case of Dean Winchester” (Season 5, Episode 7) Chad Everett also guest starred in episodes of "Murder She Wrote" and "Castle" to name a few.

Chad Everett leaves two daughters and six grandchildren as he follows his beloved wife of 45 years, actress "Shelby Grant" who past away in 2011.

I pray for him God's good grace and to be back in the loving arms of his wife Shelby. May they have paradise in the promise land - Without making a rest stop in purgatory!

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