Supernatural Fan Drawings

Come on Supernatural fans! get those drawings of Dean or Sam or of the supernatural in general and post them here with your username and brief description!

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Lucifer by Monireh

Funny Jared and Jensen :o) by Monireh
Balthazar by Monireh
Sammy Winchester
Sammy Winchester by Monireh
Jared Padalecki aka Sammy
Jared Padalecki aka Sam by Monireh

Demonic Sam
Sam with black eyes by Monireh

Blue Steel
Dean Winchester (I know it turned out horribly)
By: Caitlynn D. (Castiel_is_my_angel)
Supernatural Member Drawings - Supernatural Wiki
I know, I know, Sam REALLY sucks in this drawing. I had to rush through him. But I still think Dean turned out great. By:CaitlynnD. (Casitel_is_my_angel)
Supernatural Member Drawings - Supernatural Wiki
It's John. After I finished the drawing two pictures down, I got inspired to do a drawing of John by himself, after having a very fun time drawing him. By: Caitlynn D. (Castiel_is_my_angel)
Supernatural Member Drawings - Supernatural Wiki
I know it came out fuzzy, but It's Castiel. The quote on the bottom says "I'm the one who gripped you tight and raised you from perdition."
By: Caitlynn D. (Castiel_is_my_angel)
Supernatural Member Drawings - Supernatural Wiki
Sam on the left, Dean in the middle, and John on the right
Dean Drawing
By: Caitlynn D. (Castiel_is_my_anglel)I finally got to scan this darn thing! Its Dean, as you can obviously tell. This is pretty good for my age, 13. Graphite and a little bit of charcoal. By: Caitlynn D. (Castiel_is_my_angel)
Demonic Dean
This was all done in Photoshop, it's a snap shot of Dean in DALDOM, when he faces himself off. I played with different effects, and this is what came out. BY: Nur-Loida
Demonic Sam

Again this was all done in Photoshop, it's a snapshot of Sam in BUABS, when he gets splashed with Holy water. I did this one before the Demonic Dean. BY: Nur-Loida

drawing of Jensen
SAM AND DEAN (scanner got part of Sams arm..) DontCallMeSammy (DCMS)
my mums pic

I cant take the cred for this! (god i wish!) my mum drew this for me! I love it, its on my wall in my room! Gemgems24

Supernatural Member Drawings - Supernatural Wiki

Sam's flask of demon blood and Ruby's knife on a table. I don't know what the markings are on Ruby's knife so it has to be blank but still pretty cool in my opinion. ConnorS215

Bobbysitting little Dean and Sammy while John is off hunting the Yellow eyed Demon. By: Nightwing30sThe boys and their Bobbysitter

Dean Winchester - he is HOT

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Really great. Highly talented fans.
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