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I was on the CW website and saw this and thought it would be cool to make a similar page on this website. Rules are simple: Just put in lines you think they (any character, new characters included) would never say on Supernatural. Be creative and have fun. Make sure you put your name beside your line so that we know who created the quote.

nickgrace - castiel: (to Dean) Go help yourself you B@#%@%$
nickgrace - azazel: Sam winchester i am your father

sam no f#$^#@ way


meg;dean i know that we havent gotton along but..
meg;ive always loved you!
dean; ive always loved you too..
(they kiss)
then sam walks in on them with ruby in hand...
sam;WTF..i never relized what great couple you two make!!!
ruby;i agree sam..lets leave these lovebirds alone and lets go help some starving children


Dean : Sammy!! I'm getting married


1. dean: hey , sam i m gonna buy my own laptop!

2. sam: dean, u know i never lovd jessica , m glad she is dead.
3. dean ( to john ): go to hell, u ruind my life ūüėõ !
4. sam( after releasin lucifer) : i m glad he is of use to sum1 !
5. dean (to sam) : i wish i had a sis insted of u !

padackles4ever: Castiel: (to dean) i love you

elliottk:Dude, shut up i was about to score(sam)

Does my Hair look alright (ruby)Ruby season 4

Armond8877: BACON! GIVE IT TO ME OR DIE (dean)
DeansGirl66: dude i just broke a nail (dean)

DemonicArcAngel: Dean! What was that for? I was gonna score! (Sam)
We need to hunt and you're after girls? You're incorrigible! (Dean)

something i want to here him say in a chant-UNnatural_95 :Carpe Cerevisi

Mrs_Dean_Winchester: (Dean) Hey Sam, I think you should drive for a while......I'd like to enjoy the scenery and my veggie burger!

SingerChildNo1: John was a brilliant father, always put his boys first. (Bobby)
demon_in_disguise: we need more information, let's go to the library (Dean)
: I'm going on diet (Dean)

Sam: Dean, I'm so sorry after all I've done....
Dean: Yeah I know, we're good, I forgive you.
Sam: So you're not mad at me that I ate your pie?
Dean: YOU ATE MY PIE!!!! You had better be sorry, for that!!!!

dean:hey sam..does that guy who plays Denny on "greys anatomy" seems familiar???
sam:him?hmmm now that you mention looks like...
dean:ohhh noooo....."greys anatomy" kidnapped our dad......

Sam:A guide to all the demon lore in the world? Pfft, I have no interest in reading that.
Dean:Zachariah's not that bad of a guy once you get to know him.
Dean:No beer for me, thanks.
Castiel(modern day):Screw being righteous, where are the easy sorority babes!?


Dean: Using sunglasses when its already dark outside is awesome

Dean: That's okay, Sam. You drive.
Dean: Fine...I'll stop calling you Sammy
Sam: That's okay...I don't m ind if you call me Sammy
Dean: No more pie for me, thanks...I'm full!
Dean: I'll never look at another woman again!

Dean: Let's repaint the Impala. I'm thinking dark pink with a touch of red on the doors and purple seat covers.
Sam: Dean are you nuts? Pink? It should be the other way around: The Impala red with a hint of pink not on the doors, but the front and back.

Here's one of my posts on the CW site.

Sam: Dean, do you know what the difference is between slinkies and people?
Dean: Some people are good for nothing?
Sam: Big Grin No, they put a smile to your face when you push them down a flight of stairs!
Sam pushes Dean down a flight of stairs. Laughing
Dean: Ow! Jerk!
Sam: *****!!Big Grin
Dean: When I get a hold of you, you're going to regret it!
Sam: Ooo!! What are you going to do? Lock me in Bobby's panic room again?
Dean: (caught) N-no.
Sam: Laughing You are soo busted!!
Dean: Shut up!! You better run!!
Sam runs away laughing.

Here's another one: Sam and Dean are walking down the street when Sam notices Castiel following them like an agent in one of those really bad spy movies. (Sam and Castiel haven't met yet)Sam: Dean?
Dean: (oblivious) Yeah?
Sam: Who's that creepy guy in the trenchcoat who keeps following you around?
Dean: Who? Castiel?
Sam: Yeah, I guess.
Dean: He's my guardian angel.
Sam: EEK! An angel?!!
Sam smiles wide as if it's Christmas and goes to move towards Castiel.
Dean: Dude, what are you doing?
Sam: I'm going to get his autograph!!
Sam runs after Castiel and starts tugging on his trenchcoat while Castiel is trying to get Sam off him with a desperate look in his eyes while people are watching. Dean sadly shakes his head.
Dean: Embarrassment How embarassing! Cas is stealin' my fan girls.

Bronnie88: Sam; "Hey Dean. Do you think I need a haircut?"

DeansGurl13: Dean; "Dude, how can you watch porn? It's just sickening."

Nermah84: Sam: "Dean, stop crying. Jeez you're such a crybaby."
Dean: "You're the crybaby, crybaby."
Sam: "Jerk."
Dean: "B***h."

Dean talking to Ruby: I don't like you....your scary....
Ruby: Aw its ok dean, I'm only gonna get Sam addicted to demon blood, and make him kill lilith witch will be yhe last seal and free Lucifer, and we will try to take over the world *happy giggle* nothing to worry your little head about...
Dean: Mommy!!! *dean runs away*

Dean: That's it! No more women for a while.
Dean: (about the Impala) I'm sick and tired of this old thing! I'll go buy a Porshe!!!
Ruby: No, why would you think you need a haircut Sam, your hair is just fine!
Sam: (to John) You're the best dad in the world!!!

Cas (to Dean): We no longer have any use for you. Time to go back to hell.
Dean (to Ruby): You're kinda cool for a demon. I guess I don't mind you helping us.

Cas (to Dean): I think you should let Michael posess you.

Sam: I hate books!

Lucifer (to Sam): I don't want to posess you anymore.
Sam: Really?! *hopeful*
Lucifer: Yeah, your brother is a lot more worthy of my posession.

Azazel: I want normal BLACK eyes! Why do mine have to be puke yellow?!

Lilith: I hate little girls!!

Anna: Oh don't worry Dean!!! I'm just back to kill your hole family!!!

Uriel: Oh come on Cas don't be cruel. Humans are not that bad if you get to know them.

Bella: you know dean, when this is over we really should have hot angry sex *eyebrow wiggle*
Dean: *smiling* you know bella......I think your right. *shoves bella against wall and gives her the kiss of a lifetime*

Dean: I'm selling the impala,I'm buying an suv instead!!!!!!!!!

Dean(to Ruby): "Hey demon b**ch!"
Ruby: "What!"
Dean: "Uh...I think I like you."
Ruby: "Really?" Dean and Ruby start making out, Sam enters room
Sam: "Dean! What are you doing Ruby's mine!"
Ruby: "I can take you both!"

Shaza !)
dean is siting in the motel room and sam walks in a says to him
Sam: dean im so sorrrry i didn mean to it was a acident ...
Dean looks up from whatever he was doing
Dean: what are you talking about sam ?
Sam : i.. i.. Crashed the Impala ... and i lost your cassttapes ...
sam looks at dean prepared for the moter of all beatings but instead deans just says
Dean : thats ok Sam its Just a car and i ccan all ways buy new tapes ...
Sam : Huh ?

By Yuri21
Death: I'm tired and sick of you messing around with people's lives all the time. Everytime you demons get into your petty heads to have a night of fun, we reapers have to spend our precious vacation time sorting out the chaos and turmoil you leave behind.
Azazel: Oh really? So what are you going to do? Send me back to hell? I don't think so.
Death: Oh, I think you'll like what I'm about to do you. You won't be having fun for just a night but forever and ever.
*God appears and snaps his fingers?*
Azazel: It's you?! No wait.... ughhhhh!!!!!! My body can't stop moving!
*Azazel will now dance to disco hits like Staying Alive for eternity*

1. Dean: I'm going to participate in Lent; no sex for 40 days.
2. Sam: Um...Dean...ya think we can go the strip club on the way in to the next town?
3. John: I don't see the big deal...I dance all the time.
4. Bobby: I'm hungry. Who's up for roast?
5. Dean: It'll have to wait Sammy. I really want to check out this library...freakin' place is huge!
6: Dean: Um...can I have the Cobb Salad and a bottle of water please.
7. Dean: I think I'll pawn my gun...could get a lot of clams for it.
8. Sam: How do you expect me to get in his computer? It's locked with a password for Christ's sake.
9. Castiel: I just finished smoking pot.
10. Dean: Sammy...can you find something on the radio?
11. Sam: Dude...turn that up. That kicks a**!

‚ÄĘDean- "Oh my gosh! Justin Bieber! I love you!"
‚ÄĘSam- "Dean.....I forgot the pie..."
Dean- "That's okay, Sammy. I don't really like it that much anyway."
‚ÄĘCastiel- "Why can't I drive?'
‚ÄĘBobby- "I miss my wheelchair."
‚ÄĘDean- "I want a minivan and some country music."
Dean: You'd think after battling Lucifer and the Mother of all Evil we'd catch a friggin break, but No!
Dean (to Cas): That's what you get for trying to consume a bunch of dead guys. I'm done!
Sam (to Dean): Do you think just once we can't talk about our feelings?

(dean): Here, have my pie.(to Sam)

1.Sam to Cas: "Hug!"
2. Dean- " What are you listing to?"
Sam- " One Direction"
Dean- " OMG I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!"
3. Dean- " I would like a veggie burger hold the fries"
4. Sam-" I would like a bacon cheeseburger with fries and pie"
5. Meg- " Aww broke a nail "
6. Castiel- " Bobby is back"
Sam- " What how?"
Dean- " Why does everything have to come back from the dead!!!!"
7. Dean- " But thats against the rules "
8. Bobby- " You got it dude"

Dean: Hey Sam can you help me finish this research?
Sam: No dude, I'm eating my burger and pie while watching some Porn.
Dean: You never help with any research though.
Sam: Reading is for losers like you.

LLaauurra: Yeah, the more the merrier. ( Dean to Sam when he is invited to a threesome between Dean and that psychic chic)
Dean: You know what? Cake really is better than pie!
Dean: I think I'll have a salad today.

Sam: Dad, I lied, I never really went to college. I joined a biker gang instead.

Dean: (crying over Bridges of Madison County) I can't believe she left her husband for her one true love.

Sam: (showing Dean his shiner) Yea she's mad at me because I shaved her cat.

Dean: Dude, you think these jeans make my hips look big?

Sam: I always had a fantasy about dressing up like a priest.

Dean: Huh, I aways had the fantasy as dressing up like the Dallas Cowboys cheer leader.

Sam: Hurry up Dean, I'm going to miss Days of Our Lives.

Dean: Okay, fine, if you make it to see it, then tonight I get to watch Smallville

Sam: I wonder how an alien.... well.... you know....

Dean: I don't think an alien has gender parts unless they are like the vulcans on Star Trek. Using the vulcan Mind Meld.

Sam: Why did the demon cross the road?

Dean: I don't know, why?

Sam: because he wanted to go find more cheesy lines on what you wouldn't hear on Supernatural.

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