Supernatural Electronics

E.M.F. Reader.

emf1 emf2

E.M.F or Electro Magnetic Frequency Reader. this device reads Electro magnetic frequancies.
seen in the episodes :- Phantom Traveler, Scarecrow....
In the ep. Hell House it is mentioned that powerline transformers interfere with the device.

Infared Thermo scanner

its1 thermoscanner
seen in the episodes :- Nightmare....
Designed to read fluctuations in temprature. Used to find hot and cold spots.

camcorder camcorder2

The camera has long been used to reveal psychic emenations that are not visible to the naked eye. Such as orbing.
seen in the episodes:- Asylum, .....

Black light


This light is used by forensic investigator's to reveal "stains" that are not visible to the naked eye. Sam uses it to reveal the writing on the back of the mirror in the episode Bloody Mary.

sam's laptop

The laptop that the boys use is a Dell. It belongs to Sam. in the episode Tall Tales Sam tells dean not to mess with his computer. Although they both use it.

deans phone

Dean's cellphone is a Motorola i850. The number is 866-907-3235. He has several people in his contact list including Sam and his Dad

. sams phone
Sam's phone is a Palm Treo 650.
It is a camera phone that he uses to take photos of the symbols on the wall of the Hell House and can also be used to retrieve and send emails. His email address is

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