Everything I Learned in Life…I Learned From The Winchesters


1) When someone says a place is haunted, you shouldn't go in.Crys...
2) M&M's count as provisions.
3) Salt is a demon repellent.
4) Rocksalt hurts like hell.
5) Planes crash and apparently clowns kill.
6) Scarecrow's are fugly
7) In almost every episode, one of the following are almost always present. "dude, Sammy, or SOB"
8 ) Hunting demon's comes with perks.
9) Black Sabbath, Motorhead, and Metallica are the greatest hits of 'mullet rock'
10) There are no such things as mandroids.Crys...
11) Do not make fun of blind people or little people.
12) "Demons I get. People are crazy."
13) Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cake-hole.
14) Zeppelin rules!
15) Rocksalt is a spirit repellent.
16) Never buy somebody else's family portrait. ````bluebird123 Crys...
17) When a plane is about to crash and you are on it, scream like hell.
18) Gorge Forman infomertials are rivivtling television
19) If you have to, sacrafice your self for your sibling.
20) if a place is haunted, never bring amature ghost hunters with you.
21) Ghost hunters make good boyfriends. ```samrulez01 Crys...
22) Unicorns are real too, they ride on silver moon beams and shoot rainbows out their a**. ````bjones Crys...
23) The best way to get rid of an imortal person is to bury them alive.Crys...
24) You can either (A) Get a tatoo or (B) get an amulet that will stop you from getting possessed.
25) If your dad say's to save your sibling...or kill him, then you sell your soul for him.
26) People who claim they see "ghosts" are actually seeing "death echoes"`````warriorsgirl
27) Shapeshifter are not stupid ~ jackles
28) Bow hunting is an important skill ~ jackles
29) In rock-paper-scissors, scissors always lose ~ jackles Crys...
30) Put holy water in beer to know if someone is possessed or not ~ jackles Crys...
31) Cristo is God in Latin ~ jackles
32) Santa is evil Crys...
33) you should be afraid of the dark Crys...
34) When a Wincheter tells you to Shut up, you do it with a smile on your face or talk your way to hell
35) Love with rock music or don't live at all.
36) When you flirt with a vampire, have a gun ready.
37) A matching tattoo are hot ~ jackles
38) When your kid is scare of the thing in his closet, give him a .45 ~ jackles
39) Stay inside the magic circle. Crys...
40) Steam showers are awesome.
41) People don't go to psychics for the truth, they go for good news.
42) Never sleep with your peepers open.
43) Always have salt on hand. Low-sodium is for freaks.
44) Always clean the pipes. If you have no pipes, then good for you!
45) Werewolf + sex = bad
46) Art history is good for picking up girls
47) Apple pie is never freakin' worth it.
48) No chick flick moments
49) Constance Welch is a b*tch ``` bluebird123
50) Witchcraft tasted like a**
~ jackles
51) Rabbit always get screwed in a deal ~ jackles
52) Motels and Inns only have enough water for one person to take a hot show Angel_19
53) What's dead should stay dead...... Yasmin123
54) The light at the end of the tunnel is hellfire Angel_19
55) Death by car does NOT look cool like in the movies... 1983Sarah
56) When you fall into a lake, you come out smellin like a toiliet.
57) Never go swiming in a haunted lake.
58) Dean is a jerk and sam is a b*tch. samrulez01
59)When you see a crossroad, just keep driving
60) If they have black eyes, you'd better run brad4155
61) When someone being a smart a** just shot them
~ jackles
62) Big brother always the right one coz he is the older ~ jackles
63) You cant poke fakers with a stick Livingimpaired
64) spongebob placemats make good altar cloths livingimpaired
65) salt will wash away unless you concrete it in place! living impaired
66) Dean thinks bunnies dieing are sad and it's unfair for the little guy. Tavish
67)saying "Kiss my ass" will protect you from witchcraft. livingimpaired
68) Bow Hunting, knife fighting, and latin are usefull skills livingimpaired
69) A 1967 Chevy Impala is the perfect ride to use for all those "road trips" with your brother gemgems24
70) Chicks dig artists ~~~~~~~DCMS
71) Being sarcaficed is classier than being killed~~~~~DCMS
72)No apple pie is freakin worth it~~~~~~~~DCMS
73)Nobody messes with the Metallicar~~~~~DCMS
74)No chick-flick moments~~~~~~~~DCMS
75)Dean was a goofy lookin kid~~~~~~~~~~~DCMS
76)Steam showers are awesome~~~~~~~DCMS
77)Cheepen the moment~~~~~~~~~~~~DCMS
78)The George Forman infomercial is reviting tv~~~~DCMS
79) Don't trust a girl who would trust Shaddy Van Guy over Sammy~~~~~~DCMS
80)love the Smurfs~~~~~~DCMS
81) never sleep with your peepers open~~~DCMS
83)kids are the best~~~~~~DCMS
84) nobody likes a sceptic~~~~~~DCMS
85) Zepplin rules~~~~~DCMS
86)Stay inside the magic circle~~~~~~~~DCMS
87)Dean always got the extra cookie~~~~~~~DCMS
88) Dean is supposed to be the belligernt one~~~~~~DCMS
89) Crossroad demon is a smart ass ~ jackles
90) Go a date with someone if you want to find information ~ jackles
91) No apple pie freaking worth anything ~ jackles
92)Sam is a harmless innocent young man~~~~~DCMS
93) People pay a butt load for crap~~~~~~~~~~~DCMS
94) Insluting a person is a form of art with the Winchesters ~~~~~~~~~~ Samrulez01

95) Dean always gets the extra cookie
96) When a Winchesters says that your dead when you are asleep, stop breathing ~~~~~~~~Samrulez01

97) Dean saved Sam, Sam saves Dean ~~~~~~~~~Samrulez01

98) Always trust the guys with the guns ~~~~~~~~~Samrulez01
99) Learn to build shotguns in the sixth grade ~~~~~~~~Samrulez01
100) Love Metal car or die ~~~~~~~~~~~~~Samrulez01 **i made 100!**
101) Trust Winchester for all of your hunting needs ~~~~~~~Samrulez01
102) Never say "bloody mary" 3 times in the mirror.
103) Never let a hot lady in white in your car.
104) Never order pizza in a restaurant because it is just another lame excuse.
105) Take down your Christmas decorations before you get filleted by an angel sent by God.
106) Obey your dad to get that extra cookie.
107) Be careful when you eat sausage lest you choke to death on it.
108) Never clean chewing gum off the sole of your shoe at the drain
109) Check the expiry date before you buy tacos
110) Don't start looking at little girls suspiciously because they might not be Lilith```````Kenuholic
111) Make sure that you dont touch the metal when you plug things in. ``````````samrulez0`
112) Never tust a demon
113) some times, the virgin has to die
114) Salt is your best friend
115) Goofer dust is very important to people that like to sell souls
116) never get violated by demon tounge
117) Dont sleeop with a werewolf
118) Vampires just flirt to get what they want
119) the ghostfacers are the ones with a lame thene song abnd cant stand to look at the winchesters ```````````samrulez01
120) Dont kill any virgin to do a spell ~ jackles
121) Dude! Dude! Dude! ~ jackles

122) Soccer is the closest Sam came to becoming a boy ~HellFire666
123) They always have to leave ~HellFire666
124) Kids are scary ~HellFire666
125) If the table saw comes on withno oneturningit on, just leave it alone! ~HellFire666
126) Local lure sites are ran by guys in trailers with flamingo lawn ornaments~HellFire666
127) It is okay tip for the pie, even if the waitress is a demon ~HellFire666
128) It's okay to forget the pie if YED takes you to firkin frontier land, but no other time ~HellFire666
129) Sam has never been unfaithful ~HellFire666
130) If someone wants the last pare of shoes you are looking at, and walks behind you to your car for them, just hand over the shoes ~HellFire666
131) If the world does come to an end, the best way to go down is to go down fighting ~HellFire666
132) If you have a rabbit's foot play the scratch offs! ~HellFire666
133) Never let Sam pick the music ~HellFire666
134) Don't look Sam straight in his puppy eye's he'll put you into a trance ~HellFire666
135) Only Dean call's Samuel, Sammy ~HellFire666
136) Salt and paper clips are a must have ~HellFire666
137) Don't let all the air out of the tires, cuz it will bend the rims ~HellFire666
138) Planes are scary ~HellFire666
139)Big foot's a hoax~HellFire666
140) That when trying to escape a windego, run around cussing at it! ~HellFire666
141)Never get an i-pod jack for your car, (especially in a classic car)~~~~DCMS
142) Never put wimpy music on your i-pod lest you want it destroyed~~~~~DCMS
143) The fabric softener teddy bear needs to be hunted down -Angel_19
144) If you don't look after deans car after he is dead, he will haunt your ass- sackles89

145) If you are about to die eat as much food as possible- forlornshadow
146) Ruby recycles~~~~DCMS
147) Open the door only if the maid has clean towels~~~~~~~DCMS
148) Don't pass go and collect your $200~~~~~~~~~~~DCMS
149) Be careful what you wish for. ~iridescent-memory
150) Never douche up Dean's Impala. ~iridescent-memory
151) Never make deals with demons unless it's for a good cause. ~iridescent-memory
152) Because demon is real so Angel is exist.~stmerry
153) If you go travel with your brother/sister that same sex with you, everyone think you gay/lesbian.~ stmerry
154) If you sell your soul, make sure you've got plenty of doggy biscuits for the Hell hound - should give you a few extra minutes to get your goofer dust out ~ WinchestersRock
155) Faith healers may not be working on behalf of God, they may just have a tamed Reaper
156) If you are going to kill Lillith be ready for Lucifer first -Dean_Winchester_Rulz
157) If Syren's had songs it would be Warrant's Cherry Pie -Dean_Winchester_Rulz
158) You can find all kinds of information in a prison yard, especially if you have cigarettes to trade. SuperZu
159) Don't wait to die in a hospital where the nurses aren't even hot. SuperZu

160) After a really intense hunt, it's a good idea to ave angry sex with an irritatingthief. DAA
161) Seedy motel rooms aren't all bad, if they have a bed with Magic Fingers! SuperZu
162) Even the strongest people are defenseless against Sam Winchester's puppy dog eyes. Bronnie88

163) Sam Winchester wears make-up. Bronnie88
164) Sam Winchester cries his way through sex. Bronnie88
165) Sam Winchester keeps a ruler by his bed and every morning he...You know what.
166) Christmas was originally a pagan holiday. DeansGurl13
167) Uriel was the funniest angel in the garrison, ask anyone. DeansGurl13
168) Metallica is very calming when on a plane. DeansGurl13
169) Don't objectify Dean. DeansGurl13
170) Never sleep with your peepers open. DeansGurl13
171) Sam is a walking encyclopedia of weirdness. DeansGurl13
172) French fries are like crack. DeansGurl13
173) Only b*tches send grown ups Bronnie88
174) Coffee is adictive. DeansGurl13
175) Sam Winchester wears women's underwear. DeansGurl13
176) Sammy has a thing for monsters. DeansGurl13
177) Mental patients don't make very credible witnesses. DeansGurl13
178) Dean tastes good--nermah84
179) Don't use Sam's laptop to watch porn, cause it might freeze--nermah84
180) Sam has a huge doll collection--nermah84
181) Planes crash and clowns kill--nermah84
182) If you ever want to land in the mental hospital, all you have to do is tell the truth! -- Jay
183) Never trust a demon; they lie! --Jay

184) Never turn your back on your brother cause he could be drinking demon blood--nermah84
185) Brains trump legs---nermah84
185) dean wuvs hugs....spnrocks
186) Only Dean gets to call Sam Sammy....Spnrocks
187) Heaven is one long show at the Meadowlands.....spnrocks
188) Wishes turn your plushie toy into a giant, emo, porn-addict teddy bear. * Yuri21
189) Demons and angels are both pain in the asses! Best to stay out of their way. * Yuri21
190) If you get kidnapped by a demon, obsessively obey him to carry out his plans even though he killed your fiancee. * Yuri21
191) All demons are whiny brats who can't stop compensating for their low morale by having wanton sex or if not, going on megalomaniacal crusades to commit endless mayhem and murder. * Yuri21
192) If you see a little girl, make sure to pour tons of salt on her. Hey, she could be evil! * Yuri21
193) Always dump your boyfriend/girlfriend if he/she insists on going to a haunted house. * Yuri21
194) The only difference between angels and demons is that one needs permission to bring chaos and death. The other doesn't. * Yuri21
195) Don't objectify Dean
196) If you're having a bad day, it's because you lost a rabbit foot.
197) If you're having a good day, it's because you have a rabbit foot.
198) Drunk Santa = Evil Santa...not
199) You don't have to be a REAL trickster to be hillarious!
200) Angels are real
201) You're not gonna call the ghostbusters, you're gonna call the ghostfacers
202) You can pick a lock with a car antena
203) You should be afraid of the dark
204) Sam is something called a Jared Padalecki
205) Castiel actually talks like a normal person as Misha.
206) Dean is an awesome brother
206) If you get nightmares, Azazel is after you.
207) The higher up a demon is, the cooler it's eyes.
208) A cross-road demon doesn't have to be of the opposite sex
209) A cross-road demon likes to make out
210) Cross-road demons have red eyes
211) Fairy tales are real.
212) Sam and Dean both get scared by cats in at least one episode.
213) Every Winchester has been to hell.
214) Lucifer's cage is the worse hell there is.
215) If Death offers to give you a wall to forget hell, don't accept it. It breaks after two days.
216) If you're soulles you're an *******. A funny *******. But an ******* all the same.
217) Sam's girlfriends all have SOMETHING to do with the Supernatural.
218) There's actually a Supernatural
219) If your brother goes camping and doesn't send you a message every day, he's been taken by a wendigo.
220) Angel's are dicks.
221) Every demon who says they're good are lying.
222) Demons lie
223) Castiel doesn't bleed if you shoot him, but if he gets punched he bleeds.
224) Castiel grabbed Dean out of hell - and he can throw him back in.
225) The angel Gabriel is a trickster...sorta.
226) Sam Winchester was once an inatimate object.
227) Dean calls his car 'baby'
228) An Impala is the only car in the world that's actually cool.
229) Mustang's will NEVER live up to an Impala.
230) Hell Hounds are invisible
231) Soul's are little orb things that glow
232) Toy soldiers will kill Lucifer
233) Sam Winchester is always right - or at least, it doesn't occur to him about being wrong.
234) Dean didn't talk after Mary died.
235) Sam said the exact words his dad did in the same house.
236) Sam never remembers the pie. ~Sara
237) Cake does NOT equal. ~Sara
238) Need make-out advice? Watch the pizza guy! ~Sara
239) If the hot chick flickers like a dying light bulb, don't let her in your car! ~Sara
240) No matter how loudly or how many times you yell, the people on tv will ALWAYS investigate the creepy noise ~Sara
241) Demon blood gives you pyshic powers ~Sara
242) Sam is a walking encyclopedia ~Sara
243) Unicorns don't exist, but dragons do ~Sara
244) Dont be a douche, or you'll get ghost sickness ~Sara
245) Faeries exist, but aliens don't ~Sara
246) Despite everything, Dean knows who Zach Efron and Justin Bieber are ~Sara
247) Dean has never seen House of Wax ~Sara
248) They had to move around a lot as children because people got sick of Sam's face, not because of hunting evil ~Sara
249) Angels are apparently junkless like Ken dolls, yet Dean tries to get Castiel laid... ~Sara
250) Their only donuts, not love ~Sara
251) Sam gets gassy after eating half a burrito ~Sara
252) If you see an old person in the hospital, call the coat guard. ~Sara
253) Sam had a crappy guidance counselor ~Sara
254) Dean isnt Kamikaze, he's a ninja ~Sara
255) & the #1 thing ive learned? Sam & Dean look AMAZING shirtless ūüėČ ~Sara

256) Never lie to your brother because he just might walk away ~nermah84


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