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Reasons To Date A Winchester - Supernatural Wiki
Because These Aren't Reason Enough To Date A Winchester?!

01) Well firstly because they are freakin HOT
02) His gun is always cocked and ready
03) He can speak to you in Latin
04) You'll never run out of salt to go on your popcorn
05) You'll never be thirsty because he always has a flask of (holy) water with him
06) He has a fine appreciation for art--especially the kind that kills people````bluebird123
07) He is ready for anything. ***nyu2n
08) If an evil thing is ruining your day, he is happy to kill it for you.
09) When you have a ghost truck, he will play chicken with it.
10) They provide great security
11) Don't have to worry if your wepon is gone, he has extra.
12) Most likely able to save your live while showing off.
13) Can kill anything that gets annoying.
14) Well, they have awesome jobs and if you date them, their job beomes yours too. ````Samrulez01
15) You will always be safe with them, when their not out hunting ghosts, shapeshifters, demons, devils, and as dean says "Evil sons of *******"
16) He has excellent choice of music
~ jackles
17) He is a good singer ~ jackles
18) He is a good liar/con artist ~ jackles
19) If he is not the man for you, he has a hot brother!
20) You can always feel wanted, most likley as bait though. ```` this is samrule01
21) We both can have a matching tattoo~ jackles
22) He doesn't think you're crazy when you say the Snuggle softner bear is evil
23) If you're afraid of bugs of any sort, there's no need to worry. He has a flame thrower handy to torch those suckers.
24) He's faithful--even a hot ghost-girl can't attract his attention
25)Family is all-important to him.
26) When someone yells at you, he will have a gun in their face faster than you can say his name.
27) He has an awesome car ***nyu2n
28) With him, there is no such thing as imaginary
29) Most likley able to kill a wendigo that is coming right at you.
30) Most likly Winchester brothers are the two hottest hunters on the face of the earth!!
31) Listens well when it is hunting related ````samrulez01
32) They don't have to worry about cussing and getting into trouble. supernatural_girl
33) They would offer their soul to keep you from dying. ~oreoqueen185
34) They know that M&M's are necessities.
35) When you need fun, they are what fun is. ***nyu2n
36) With him, there is no such thing as the same thing. ***nyu2n
37) They can't cheat on you because you are with them the whole time.````samrulez01
38) He will always make sure that you are happy and if not, he will cheer you up, even when he's staring death in the face. Bjones010590the
39) He will make sure you are safe before he takes himself out of harms way. Bjones010590
40) He's up on the latest urban legends, myths, and ghost stories. 1983Sarah
41) Potential for a make-out session in a graveyard. 1983Sarah
42) Their father IS a hot hunter too! Gemgems24
43) They can get you into anywhere with their funny fake ID's. gemgems24
44) They fought the law and the law never won Cathain
45) You'll never be short of a witty retort or quote when the boys are around! gemgems24
46) Well, the winchesters are awesome!
47) With them you'll never wake up late.
48) Would die to save you from death.
49) They are the two hottest hunters in the enitire world````samrulez01
50) If you want to get down and dirty don't worry they have lots of practice! (this is for the gutter girls) Tavish
51) Unlimited supply of salt ~ jackles
52) They are one of the most freakinly velvetly smooth hunter! ~ jackles
53) They plan for everything
54) Sarcasm is a form of affection
55) The world isn't small enough to keep them away from you ``````Samrulez01
56) There puppy pouts are enough to get you week in the knees --- Nur-Loida
57) They have the sexiest voices when they yell, monsters go running from them and you go chasing after them --- Nur-Loida
58) They can get you out of any trouble you get into by pretending to be anyone - Keanuholic
59) They dont kill any virgin ~ jackles
60) One of them is a smooth operator ~ jackles
61) Will kick out annoying little brother to get some alone time with you

62) They can tell amazing stories with out lying ~HellFire666
63) Winchester's know the good spots to eat at ~HellFire666
64) They know all the good hotels too ~HellFire666
65) They can take you anywhere the car can go ~HellFire666
66) They can understand that when a lady needs pie, GET THE PIE!!! ~HellFire666
67) They will never run to you to kill the spider in the bathroom ~HellFire666
68) They know how to party ~HellFire666
69) They can sing you to sleep ~HellFire666
70) Winchester will never bore you with chick flick moments ~HellFire666
71) You will never get bored of the same place ~HellFire666
72) You will have a great first date, go kill some evil creatures, the have a nice dinner ~HellFire666
72) They understand the power of music ~HellFire666
73) Winchester will make you laugh even in the hardest times ~HellFire666
74) Let's admit it, if you do end up getting married it will be awesome to have there last name, Winchester has a nice sound to it ~HellFire666
75) They can take a punch ~HellFire666
76) Winchester's are smart some know school stuff, and the other's know school house rock. ~HellFire666
78) If the house/room gets robbed they will protect you! ~HellFire666
79) They never get lost on the road ~HellFire666
80) Winchester's know there way around the cops ~HellFire666
81) They know all the lyrics to mullet rock ~HellFire666
82) Winchester's save lives it's like dating adoctorthat's not dull ~HellFire666
83) They have run in's with the Real "Ghostfacers"!!!! ~HellFire666
84) If your lucky you get to drive THE car ~HellFire666
85) They wont let you live a normal life ~HellFire666
86) They live every day like is was there last ~HellFire666
87) They look soo hot shirtless -Kailenth
88) They are hot when they are evil! -

89) He will make u live your life to the fullest like there's no tomorrow-amira
90) They will save u from everything no matter how bad the situation is-amira
91) They will look at the bright side of something no matter how hard it is-amira
92)do we even need to find a reason to date them??hail to the NO!!-amira
93)it'll be the best time ever in my life(^-^)-amira
94) OMG, does anyone really need a reason to date them, just look at them that's reason enough ~ WinchestersRock
95) They have a great doll collection you can play with - RoxAckles
96) They will be able to put up with your PMS, after all they've face monsters and ghouls everyday. - xSupernatural- Loverx
97) They don't discriminate, after all one of them got jiggy with a werewolf. xSupernatural-Loverx
98) If you get mad with one, there is always another one handy. Bronnie88
99) They have to maintain concealed weapons licenses in all fifty states in order to legally wear pants. DeansGurl13
100) One knows how to get extra pudding at mental hospitals. DeansGurl13

101) They will sacrifice themselves and go to hell for you--nermah84

102) Is a walking encyclopedia even if its of weirdness--nermah84
103) They read Busty Asian Beauties and watch Casa Erotica, so theyre not afraid to experiment in the bedroom!!!! swtndl81
104) Always ready to fight and still have time for a little make out season in the back of the car~Sam4EverRed2011
105) He Will never run out of money ~ Deanna16
106) Will do anything to save the ones he loves~Sam4EverRed2011
107) The back seat of a 67 Impala has plenty of room to "get busy" in........spnrocks108) One Allways sleeps with a gun under his pillow to keep you safe.....spnrocks



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