The Real Ghostbusters Cast

Eric Kripke
Nancy Weiner
James L. Conway
Recurring Role:
Emily Perkins (Becky Rosen)
Guest Stars:

Devin Ratray (Damien/"Dean)
Ernie Grunwald (Barnes/"Sam")
Kayla Deorksen (LARP Maid)
John Shaw (Fritz/Hook Man Fan)
Scott Patey (Alex)
Amitai Marmorstein (Tim)
Jonathan Bruce (Con Manager)
Ken Lawson (II) (Hotel Manager)
Paul Andrich (Killer Clown Fan)
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RisenShine Real Ghostbusters Cast 0 Jan 6 2011, 2:04 AM EST by RisenShine

Thread started: Jan 6 2011, 2:04 AM EST  Watch

Checked every cast list and watched the eppy again.
Ken Lawson is the Hook Man and John Shaw is the real Hotel Manager.
There's either a mistake on IMDb or they had two Ken Lawsons in their cast. Ken Lawson IV is on IMDb and the actually the hook man (photo proof). The colored guy, also with the name Ken Lawson, who's in the IMDb cast list already might be one of the Deans.or maybe not

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