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Date of birth: July 19, 1982
Birth place: San Antonio, TX
Eye color: Blue/green w/ hazel edges
Height: 6'4"
Family: Mother - Sharon L.
Father - Jerry Padalecki
Brother - Jeff
Sister - Megan
Wife - Genevieve Cortese
Sons - Thomas Colton Padalecki
- Austin Shepherd Padalecki
Daughter - Odette Padalecki
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Actor bioJared Tristan Padalecki was born on July 19, 1982 in San Antonio, Texas to Sharon L. and Jerry Padalecki. He has an older brother, Jeff, and a younger sister, Megan.

He attended James Madison High School in San Antonio and was named a candidate for the 2000 Presidential Scholars Program. In 1998, Padalecki and his partner Chris Cardenas won the National Forensics League national championship in Duo Interpretation. Jared won Fox TV's 1999 "Claim to Fame Contest"; he subsequently appeared at the Teen Choice Awards, where he met his current manager. Before graduating from high school in 2000, he moved to Los Angeles, California to pursue an acting career, although he had originally planned to attend the University of Texas.

Jared's first credit was a minor role in the 1999 film, A Little Inside. In 2000, he was cast as Dean Forester on the successful series Gilmore Girls, a role he played until 2005. He also appeared in several made-for-television films, including Silent Witness (2000), Close to Home (2001), A Ring of Endless Light (2002) and Young MacGyver (2003).

Jared had an uncredited part in 2003's comedy Cheaper by the Dozen. In 2004, he appeared in the Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen-led comedy New York Minute, and also had a role in the thriller Flight of the Phoenix. In 2005, Jared starred opposite Elisha Cuthbert, Chad Michael Murray and Paris Hilton in the horror film House of Wax, and appeared in another horror film, Cry_Wolf, on the set of which he met his longtime girlfriend, co-star Sandra McCoy.

The same year, Jared was cast as Sam Winchester on the WB series, Supernatural, and gained a fan base after the show's success. Supernatural was renewed for a second season, which began airing on September 28, 2006 on The CW. The show was renewed for a third season, beginning on October 2007. He was featured as host in an advertisement for MTV's upcoming horror reality series, ROOM 401. He hosts the series, produced by Ashton Kutcher.

Jared went on to make more films, including Christmas Cottage (2008) and Friday the 13th (2009).

On February 27, 2010, Jared and Genevieve Cortese (Ruby #2) were wed in her hometown in Sun Valley, Idaho.

Non-acting careers: Works unofficially to support dog adoption
(A Dog's Life Rescue)

  • Friday the 13th (2009) ... Clay Miller
  • Thomas Kinkade's Home for Christmas (2008) ... Thomas Kinkade
  • House of Fears (2007) ... J.P.
  • Cry_Wolf (2005) ... Tom
  • House of Wax (2005) ... Wade
  • Flight of the Phoenix (2004) ... John Davis
  • New York Minute (2004) ... Trey Lipton
  • Cheaper by the Dozen (2003) ... Bully
  • Young MacGyver (2003) ... MacGyver
  • A Ring of Endless Light (2002) ... Zachery Gray
  • Close to Home (2001)
  • Silent Witness (2000) ... Sam
  • A Little Inside (1999) ... Matt Nelson

  • Walker (13 ep., 2021) ... Cordell Walker
  • Supernatural (327 ep., 2005-2020) ... Sam Winchester
  • Gilmore Girls (63 ep., 2000-05) ... Dean Forester
  • ER (1 ep., 2001)... Paul Harris
Best known for: Supernatural
Awards: Nominated for Teen Choice Award for "Gilmore Girls" (2000), House of Wax (2005), and "Supernatural" (2005).
Upcoming projects: Friday the 13th Part 2 ... apparently the film has been green-lighted and is slated to open Aug. 13, 2010; whether Jared will be able to take time out of his schedule to be in it, we'll see.
  • [ From inside a van ] “Bye guys! I love YOU! not you, You!.. Yeah.”- Jared Padalecki
    “Shut the door”- Jensen Ackles
  • “Right, I left [the Texas accent] in the green room. I should’ve brought it out. Yeah you know what, when I get tired or drunk it kinda sneaks out ‘Hey ya’ll”
  • “Is this the same girlfriend you met when you were doing ‘Cry Wolf’?”
    “This is. This is the same girlfriend–Sandra McCoy that um, is going to be in ‘Cry Wolf’ with me, the 16th.” - Jared
    “Well, so we’re glad your still together.”
    “Well I keep her drugged for most of the day so she doesn’t have any free thought.”- Jared
  • “I don’t think we take ourselves very seriouslly. Growing up I used to see these people who were called like cuties or hotties or sex symbols and they’d be like ‘You know I’m sexy’ (strikes a pose) or like, ‘look how sexy and hot I am’ and I think it`s just disgusting and I think you gotta kinda be able to make fun of yourself you know. However you look is just a shell of who you are- it’s nothing really– to do with you."
  • “We kinda like bustin’ each others knees and you know kinda making fun of each other and we’d go out and drink... is that bad?” [About his relationship with Jensen Ackles ]
  • Active on Twitter @jarpad
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