Briana Buckmaster

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Briana Buckmaster | Donna Hanscum

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Date of birth: July 15, 1981
Birth place: Moosejaw, Saskatchewan, Canada
Eye color:   Brown
Hair Color:  Blonde
Height:   5' 6"
Family: Husband, Daughter
See also:  Sheriff Donna Hanscum


Actor bio: Briana Buckmaster is an actor, singer and voice over performer originally hailing from Moose Jaw Saskatchewan. She attended the prestigious Grant MacEwan University where she received her diploma in Theatre Arts. Continuing to perform on stages across North America she also began cutting her teeth in the improv world working with renowned theatre companies including the Canadian Comedy Award winning Die Nasty. Briana is an Elizabeth Sterling Haynes Award winner for numerous productions she has performed with Teatro La Quindicina (with whom she is currently a core company member). Her writing credits include the sell-out hit play Tunnels of Little Chicago which toured across Western Canada, and Lady Fartlek Productions- a series of comedic shorts written, directed, and starring fellow comedic actresses. Briana resides in Vancouver Canada with her husband and daughter where she continues to study her craft and regularly appear on stage and in television.
Briana Buckmaster's CAREER HIGHLIGHTS
Non-acting careers:


  • Supernatural (2014-2020)
  • Frequency (2017)
Upcoming projects:
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