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  • kate38
      October 11, 2022 at 9:18 pm #21032

      Hey, Y’all!!

      I really tried to go into this series with no expectations, and to allow Jensen and Robbie to execute their vision and tell the story they wanted to tell. For me, the result was borderline. I don’t know whether to be optimistic or not at this point, but it left me a bit flat.
      First, there were some things I liked:

      I respect the creative minds behind this show. I was glad to see McG and a few other familiar names.

      I liked the little shout-outs and Easter eggs that these guys knew Supernatural fans would notice. Robbie has always been good at that. Some of them were subtle, like David Nutter’s name on a file folder, Samuel Campbell’s initials on his gear bag, etc. I loved hearing “Americana” at the end when John’s mother is telling John that when he has his own kids, he’ll understand how you’ll do anything for them. “Americana” will forever be Dean’s theme song for me. It felt so appropriate right then.

      I like John’s mother. They’re implying that, since Henry disappeared when John was a kid, it was his mother who taught him about fixing cars. How COOL is THAT!? I LOVE that. I also love how this show is approaching John as a character. As much as I loved Supernatural, a lot of fans walked away with a negative (and often unfair) opinion about John. I’ve heard Jensen and even JDM comment more than once that they’d like to do something about that. I like that, although John is clearly not in charge or driving the story at this point, we’re experiencing a lot of the action through his eyes and being allowed to immerse ourselves in his perspective as he returns from a horrible war and starts trying to sort out his life. Right now, John is the most relatable character in the show for me.

      I like the tone of the show — glad to see some classic rock return, and I think the locations they chose for filming capture the right atmosphere for small-town Kansas and New Orleans.

      To the show’s credit, the list of things I didn’t like is much shorter:

      I don’t like Mary. She’s rude, abrasive, and comes across too much like Buffy the vampire slayer. She says she wants to get out of the life, but she’s clearly the one running her own little Scooby gang, since they all seem to fall in line and do what she says. I don’t find her to be as authentic or relatable as John is.

      The front end of the episode felt too clunky with exposition. I get that they have to tell us a lot of things so we understand where we are, but it didn’t feel “organic”.

      I’m on the fence about Carlos and the librarian. They’re coming across as typical, CW-plastic, stereotypical characters. I hope they get better.

      Some of the elements concerning the demons were just silly. We saw one demon literally fall into a vat of holy water, but he was barely singed. But another demon was SOOOOO incapacitated by a few sprinkles from a water gun that the demon literally writhed on the ground long enough to be surrounded by a salt circle and exorcised by a novice. Really!?!!? What happened to demons using telekinesis to fling people across the room or pin them to the wall? The demons just seemed weak and NOT at all scary in this show. The loup-garou was so-so; a dude in a suit…okay, fine I guess.

      Anyway, I said I’d give it 3 or 4 episodes to convince me, and I still plan to do that. I just hope it gets better quickly. I SO want it to do well, for Jensen’s sake. But so far, it hasn’t grabbed me.


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        July 4, 2022 at 12:18 pm #13998

        I don’t have much to say about this episode, other than I enjoyed watching Sam get punched in the face! After all the lies he’s told already — and we’re only 4 episodes into season 4 — I wanted to punch him in the face, too. Then again, I didn’t start liking Sam until season 10, so I spent a lot of time wanting to punch him in the face 🙂

        I thought the monster was interesting; but as PNP pointed out, the parallel between Sam being a reluctant monster and the victim being in the same position was a bit too heavy handed. The show suffers from that sometimes. Since the pregnant wife got away, which puts the brothers in the same position Travis was in, I thought it would’ve been interesting if she (and/or her child) had returned at some future point in the show. That would’ve been fun.

        I do love the camera shots when the boys pull over in the car so Sam can vent. The angles and motion there were SO well done! Breathtaking <3


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          January 16, 2022 at 12:30 pm #11967

          I don’t have much to say about this one. It didn’t rank very high with me.

          I wonder why the wolf didn’t kill the third pig? Maybe the doctor stopped reading the story, so young Callie lost interest and disappeared, which woke up the wolf dude?

          Hey, is the old lady at the cabin the same woman from “Hunteri Heroici” who talks to Cas at the nursing home? Cas asks her about strange odors, and she directs him to the cat.

          So, I guess these writers are saying that everybody who is in a coma is close enough to death that their spirits are stuck here, like Dean was in “In My Time of Dying”? So those spirits are all wandering around in a confused limbo?

          Every episode in season 3 reminds us that Dean is going to die soon, but this one presents that theme very heavily. As much as I hate all the sadness, I love that shot at the end when Dean is walking alone down the hospital corridor after telling Sam that he’s going to have to let go. So sad, but so beautiful.


            January 16, 2022 at 12:26 pm #11965

            There’s something so warm and reassuring about that first scene at Bobby’s house, when Bobby is working on the Colt and Dean is making bullets. I love the banter, the closeups of Jensen (he looks fabulous with his hair short) and the feel of that entire scene. I miss Bobby’s house and miss them all being together like that. (sigh…)

            This episode may have been the first time when I noticed obvious fear in Dean’s eyes at the thought of going to hell. It’s interesting that this glimpse of his vulnerability came at a time when he was talking to a demon, of all things.

            Speaking of demons, it’s interesting that Ruby immediately started trying to win over Bobby and Dean, as if she knew she wouldn’t be able to sway Sam without their cooperation (or at least without them both agreeing to not interfere). I don’t think it ever completely worked – Dean never trusted her, and Bobby was simply trying to cooperate long enough to keep Dean alive. But it’s interesting that she knew they were a vital part of the equation. Of course, that TOTALLY changes later, but I’ll discuss that when we get to season 4.

            Richie was a fun and silly caricature (being from “Joisey” myself, I’m only a little offended — 🙂 ), but it was nice to get a glimpse of what Dean’s life was like during those missing years when Sam was away.

            Question: Dean and Sam learned in season 1 that the holy water splash test doesn’t work on all demons, because Azazel was able to possess John, but was unaffected by holy water. But in this episode, they seem to think the holy water test is adequate. This was AFTER they’d opened the devil’s gate and released some of the most powerful demons there are.
            Also, I get that Dean tracked Richie’s GPS to find Casey’s house, but when did he have a chance to sneak into Casey’s house, plant the devil’s trap, find Richie, and salt and burn his body?

            Aren’t demons inside devil’s traps supposed to be powerless? Otherwise, they could just fling you across the room and crush your skull. How was Casey able to summon wind, etc.?

            This is the second time it’s been suggested that what got resurrected may not have been 100% normal Sam. I wonder if the writers were initially going in that direction, but changed their minds. Or was it always intended to be a misdirect?


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              November 25, 2021 at 9:08 pm #11115

              “I also liked how all of the characters were funny here. This one was Sera Gamble writing, wasn’t it? The thieves where hilarious. Then the other hunter’s “Don’t touch my Jesus”.”

              Hiya, JBB 🙂
              Actually, Ben Edlund wrote this one, but I agree with everything else you said here. I really liked the side characters — especially Grossman and his partner. And the “Don’t touch my Jesus” line still gives me a chuckle 🙂


                November 25, 2021 at 9:03 pm #11114

                I hate Bela Talbot with the heat of 100 suns, but I give the writers credit for her introduction, which was very well done. I also credit the writers and Lauren Cohan for creating a character I had so much fun hating.

                I liked how they reintroduced Gordon as a threat to Sam.

                I love that Dean was forward-thinking enough to keep John’s cell phones charged and in the car. I also love that Dean made his own sawed-off shotgun when he was a kid, and that John kept Sam’s soccer trophy. That scene also demonstrates, again, how different the brothers’’ lives were. Sam was winning soccer tournaments while Dean was making weapons and hunting.

                I like the way Ben Edlund, who wrote this episode, made John a part of the story without bringing John back. The “lead” for this case sort of came from John via his old cell phone. The booby-trapped storage room is vintage John Winchester. And without saying a word aloud, the audience appreciates that John kept mementos from his sons’ childhoods. I think that was artfully done, and one of the many reasons why Ben Edlund is my favorite writer on Supernatural.

                This episode was a lot of fun! The funniest sequence might be when Sam is alone in a motel room, and the air conditioner suddenly starts smoking and erupts into flames. Sam’s “But, I didn’t even do anything!” expression makes me chuckle.

                I hate Bela for stealing the lottery tickets. SHE didn’t need the money, but the brothers clearly did. Did I forget to mention that I hate Bela?


                  November 14, 2021 at 1:32 pm #10952

                  Creepy monster children are always a fun ride!

                  Question: The woman who drove her car into the lake – how was she planning to explain that? Maybe she lost control of the car with her daughter in the back seat, but wouldn’t you call the cops? She just walked home like nothing had happened.

                  I love that Lisa remembered Dean after their very brief experience 8 years earlier, and that she talked him up to her friends — “THE Dean”. I love even more that Dean remembered her so fondly. After all the one-night stands Dean likely had over an 8-year period, when he realized his death was imminent he wanted to find Lisa and reconnect with her. It’s sweet. She clearly meant something to him, and I like that. Aside from Cassie, we don’t meet any women that Dean allowed himself to develop feelings for. Knowing that he likely never stopped having feelings for Lisa makes me feel better about his life somehow. Yes, one night stands are convenient and probably fun, but empty. I like knowing that Dean had a chance for more than that.

                  I like that Ben got to see Dean being a hero and saving everybody. I’m glad that Ben isn’t Dean’s son, though. As much as family meant to Dean, I think Dean would’ve made some very different choices if Ben had been his son. I like that the writers didn’t choose to go there.

                  One of the most important elements of this episode is rarely mentioned by fans. In the months and years following Mary’s murder, every friend and family member in her orbit was systematically eliminated by demons. John would’ve known that. It makes even more sense that John took his kids and ran, kept them on the road, used assumed names and did everything to keep his children and himself under the radar. He probably thought they’d be next. To me, that’s just one more example of John being misunderstood by the fandom. I don’t think he was a bad father — just a guy with no good choices.

                  I really like the Ruby reveal at the very end. I remember being shocked the first time I saw that, because Ruby could’ve just been another hunter. Why would a demon have a knife that killed other demons? That scene between Ruby and Sam was nicely paced and executed.

                  Looking forward, once I knew Ruby was a demon, I didn’t trust her or believe that she’d be willing to save Dean, but I wanted to believe that something or someone could. Gosh! Season 3 was just a rollercoaster of crushed hopes and dreams. (Whimper…)


                    November 14, 2021 at 1:16 pm #10951

                    “Sam’s hair is STUPID!”

                    LOL! Yes indeed it is!!

                      November 14, 2021 at 1:14 pm #10950

                      “I remember the first time I watched this episode that I was PISSED with Dean for seemingly throwing himself to the dogs ahead of schedule. But that part of the episode’s story totally flipped on me once I started rewatching seasons.

                      Now I love the seemingly carefree attitude Dean displays here at the beginning. Just living it up and “not sweating the cholesterol”. Even milking the fact that he only has a year every chance he gets. It’s fun to see him cocky and having fun, even though, we (and he) know what’s looming.

                      He starts out having well deserved fun but we soon see the deeper fear in Dean. I don’t think he ever regrets the deal he made for Sam, but I do love that he admits later down the road that he really doesn’t want to die.”

                      Hiya, PNP 🙂

                      I always appreciate how our takes are sometimes so different!

                      When I initially saw Dean’s behavior at the beginning of season 3, I was reminded of his behavior in season 2 after John died. In season 2, Dean was overcompensating because he was struggling to keep his “game face” on for Sam. He hid his guilt, fear, and other negative emotions behind a façade. He didn’t actually vocalize that until that conversation with Gordon. To me, Dean’s cavalier attitude in the first few episodes of season 3 seemed to be the same thing. It saddened me. I’m glad the writers didn’t wait too many more episodes to start peeling the layers off of Dean’s true emotions.

                      I don’t think Dean regretted saving Sam, but I question whether he regretted the deal he had to make to do it. Maybe he never thought it through all the way until season 3? Or maybe somehow he thought he’d be able to figure a way out? I think when Dean confronts himself in “Dream a little dream of me” we see that one part of Dean was so full of self-loathing and guilt that going to hell seemed worth the price if it meant saving Sam, but the other part of Dean believed that he didn’t deserve to go to hell. I thought it was interesting watching that internal conflict play out as season 3 unfolded.


                        November 14, 2021 at 12:58 pm #10949

                        “I also applaud SPN yet again for hiring great guest actors. Isaac and Tamara are portrayed excellently and the actor playing Envy is very good as well. I especially love Tamara and find it sad that she never should up again.”

                        Absolutely, PNP!! I thought Tamara was a very interesting character and I would’ve loved seeing more of her! It’s a shame we never got to. I go into more detail in my comments on this episode, but if Supernatural had spent more time developing smart, likable (albeit adult) women characters like Tamara and Pamela, I think it would’ve served the show well. Instead, they tried to develop younger female characters to attract a younger audience and they missed the mark (at least for me) with many of them. But then again, I’m not a 15 year old, so I’m clearly the wrong target market.

                        Maybe this belongs in another discussion thread, but early on (and arguably until season 7 or 8), Supernatural introduced some amazing older/adult characters like Bobby, Rufus, Crowley, Rowena, Frank, Benny, Pamela, Ellen, Jody, and yes — Tamara. But it feels like later on, most of the newer characters were younger and less compelling. The story emphasis also seemed to turn away from it’s roots and more toward trendier motifs — also aimed at a younger audience. I initially felt a real connection to this show. The story lines were smart, entertaining, and made a lot of sense to me. But by the end it had started to feel like it wasn’t the show for me anymore. Kinda’ sad when I think about it…


                          November 14, 2021 at 12:46 pm #10948

                          Ahhh…Season 3. Don’t get me wrong. Season 3 is very well done – well acted, written, directed, etc. But every single episode – every one – reminds us in some way that Dean is going to die. That puts a funereal pall on the entire season for me, which makes it one of my least favorites. Fortunately, it’s a short season…

                          I like the idea of the seven deadly sins being seven actual demonic entities. That was a creative take on the concept. Since a few hundred demons presumably escaped, it would’ve been fun to see some other ancient big bads.

                          Question: Supposedly, only five days had passed between the opening of the devil’s gate and when Dean, Sam, and Bobby found the dead/mummified family that died on their sofa due to sloth. It takes more than five days for a dead body to mummify, though – even in extreme desert heat. This family was found in Nebraska. What’s up with that?

                          Fun trivia: When Bobby and the boys found the dead family, “Dallas” was playing on the television. Was that a little shout out to Jim Beaver’s brief role on “Dallas”?

                          I really like Katie Cassidy as Ruby! Sorry to you Genevieve fans out there, but Katie is a much better actress, IMO, and she brings mystery and menace to Ruby that’s lacking in season 4. To me, Gen’s manipulation and obvious seduction seemed more transparent. I clearly didn’t trust her and I didn’t want to. When Katie was Ruby, I found myself wanting to believe her, even though I was pretty sure she was lying. That was also a cool knife fight scene in this episode, and in “Malleus Maleficarum”, there’s another good fight/action scene between Ruby and another demon. That fight is also well choreographed. I don’t remember being impressed with any of the Ruby action scenes in season 4. Aside from the obvious benefit that Jared met his future wife, I kinda’ wish they’d kept Katie Cassidy in that role.

                          Speaking of good characters and actresses, I don’t think Tamara gets the respect and recognition she deserves. I can’t IMAGINE the horror of watching my husband drink drain cleaner and being unable to help him while he dies on the floor! Tamara’s torture was even worse when Isaac (or rather, the demon inhabiting his corpse) showed up at the house, screaming for Tamara’s help. How horrific is that?!!? I liked Tamara as a character and am disappointed that we never saw or heard from her again. The show brought back so many other (silly) characters, like the Ghostfacers, but we couldn’t get a single episode around Tamara? Sorry Wayward Sisters fans, but if the spinoff had included characters like Tamara, Tara (from “First Born”), Pamela, and Ellen instead of Claire and company, I would have been more likely to watch it. I’ve criticized the show many times for not writing young women characters well. Instead of coming across as smart and interesting, I find them bratty, stupid, and monochromatic. In contrast, these writers have given us some amazing adult women characters, like Jody, Donna, Pamela, Ellen, and yes — Tamara and Tara. The problem is we don’t see enough of most of these women. I think that’s a real shame and a missed opportunity.


                            October 27, 2021 at 9:30 am #10629

                            “I have softened a lot over the years regarding John’s way of raising the boys. I never doubted his love for them, but I do still think he failed them miserably many times and although he “did his best” it wasn’t good enough in many places. I think the older I get the more I see how hard live is for so many people and how much is out of one’s control and that has helped me be more sympathetic to John. And to see here that he crawled his way out of hell and help his sons to defeat the freaking monster that had sent them all down this road to begin with was cathartic and a great story point!!!”

                            Yep, John Winchester is arguably the most controversial character in the whole series. I’ve always liked John. He clearly wasn’t perfect, but I don’t think he was a bad father. I just think he was a guy who didn’t have any good choices, so he picked the least terrible options available. I could write a book in defense of John Winchester — LOL!

                              October 27, 2021 at 9:24 am #10628

                              You’re probably right. In “Crossroad Blues” there were Yarrow flowers at the crossroad next to Lloyd’s bar. I guess I thought that those flowers (and some sort of mystical energy associated with them) made that particular crossroad special in some way. That’s probably just one more detail the writers chose to discard as the show continued.


                                October 27, 2021 at 9:22 am #10626

                                I guess I never saw it as death being the only peace. The song talks about rising above the stormy seas and confusion to find a course — or to find clarity. I thought that when you find your clarity, destiny, direction, happiness or whatever, you’ll be at peace. Plus, it’s just generally a cool song 🙂

                                Since about season 3 or 4, the song reminds me that there won’t be any new episodes for a while (at least a few months), which makes me sad. And with each passing season, it started feeling more and more unlikely that the show would continue, which also made me sad. So now, the song just makes me sad…


                                  October 27, 2021 at 9:09 am #10625

                                  “One of my favorite scenes and lines of all time is when Yellow Eyes gives Jake the Colt and tells him it’s the only gun in the universe that can kill him and of course Jake immediately points it at his head…causing Yellow Eyes to respond with utmost sarcasm, “Oh my, I’m shocked at this…unforeseen turn of events.” Kills me every time. That delivery was perfect. He crafted a very good character in yellow eyes. Disarmingly funny while being so cruel and deadly. This was later part of the Lucifer approach, but I loved it here.”

                                  I LOVE Fred Lane as Azazel! I can’t imagine how he could’ve played that role any better. For me, Fred Lane personifies Azazel like Chris Heyerdahl is the perfect Alistair.


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