The Human Villains


The Human Villains - Supernatural Wiki Hendrickson is the FBI agent who made it his life mission to capture Dean and Sam Winchester. in the Episode Jus In Bello. where he is possessed by a demon and dean and sam save him by holding his head in a toilet full of holy water. Hendrickson apologizes for not understanding and then helps Sam and Dean fight of the horde of Demons that comes to get them. Hendrickson tells his bosses that the boys were killed when the helicopter exploded, ending the manhunt. He is killed by Lilith.
Episodes: Nightshifter, Folsom Prison Blues, Jus in Bello

Jeremy Frost

The Human Villains - Supernatural Wiki Due to a head injury Jeremy received as a child, he is unable to dream. But with the African dream root he is able to enter and control other peoples dreams. He then kills the person in their dream and they die for real.
Episode: Dream a Little Dream of Me


The Human Villains - Supernatural Wiki In the episode Malleus Maleficarum a group of desperate housewives start a book club. Unfortunately on of the women is also a Demon. She introduces the group to the Dark art's and they begin to use magic to improve their lifes.
Episodes: Malleus Maleficarum

The Benders


This hillbilly family is passionate about hunting humans for sport.
Episode: The Benders

Bella Talbot


bella Read more about her HERE
Episodes: Bad Day at Black Rock, Red Sky at Morning, Dream a Little Dream of Me, Jus in Bello, Time is on my Side

Special Kids


Ava Premonitions
After she is abducted by Azazel she begins killing others Azazel has chosen.
Episode: Hunted, All Hell Breaks Loose Part 1



Jake Intense Physical Strength
Feeling that he is the only capable of killing Azazel, he takes measures to insure his survival to survive Azazel's test and kill him.
Episode: All Hell Breaks Loose Parts 1 and 2.

Max Miller


max Telekinesis

After surviving severe emotional and physical abuse he snaps, taking revenge on his abusers.
Episode: Nightmare

Ansen Weems


ansen Mind Control

Ansen is Andy Gallagher's Twin Brother. He uses his ability to protect Andy, killing those he feels threatens him.
Episode: Simon Said


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