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Djinn isn't like the geni of Alladin, it's a more evil darker version of it as shown on the series. He grants wishes, but it doesn't have to be a verbal wish, it can be mind read or just a dream come, with a price. The Djinn captures Dean and touches him, giving the one thing Dean always wondered, what life would have been like if his mother was never killed? Dean experiences his life but the Djinn is feeding off his blood while Dean is unconscious.

Doc Benton


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Doctor Benton is shown to have a obsession on finding the ability to become immortal. He uses peoples living organs to create or renew parts of his body to create the ultimate immortal body.

raw head

Episode: Faith

A raw head is a Hobgoblin that abducts naughty children.



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Episode: Faith, In My Time of Dying


A reaper is someone who takes the spirit of a dying person, an angry spirit is formed if said spirit does not go with the reaper when it is their time to go. If a reaper is present to take a spirit naturally there is no way to stop it. It is possible to control a reaper to do your bidding but it is both a dangerous and difficult task.
Rugaru ep403
Episode: Metamorphosis

A Rugaru Starts as an ordinary person but around the age of 30 they develop an insatiable hunger. when they take their first tast of "longpig" or human they turn. Rugarus often travel through the family line.

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Episode: Skin, Nightshifter

A shape shifter is someone with the ability to change their shape and appearance to that of someone or something else. They can also channel thoughts and memories to act as if they were the real person, but they have to keep the person they are impersonating alive, in order to maintain there form of shape and channel the thoughts or memories.



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Episode: Something wicked


A Striga is a person who survives by sucking the life force from children, because they evidently have a stronger life force than that of an adult. They can live for thousands of years and can survive without feeding for up to 25 years. They take a human form during daylight hours and turn into a witch formed creature during the night. They're portrayed as to be very dark, quiet, clocked and wearing a raggy hooded cloak (as shown on the series), they are only vulnerable while they're feeding. When the boys were little, one tried to feed off of Sam.

Episode: Hell House


A tulpa is a Tibetan thought form. This one came about because of the website Hellhounds lair. The Tulpa is a thought that if believed by enough people can become into a real living, breathing thing. Sam and Dean had to change the story and give it a weakness so they could kill it.


Episode: Bloodlust, Fresh Blood

Vampires, are typically described as blood thirsty, killing machines on the series. They aren't the Dracula flying, winged type vamps. They drink blood to survive and are sensitive to sunlight, holy water and anything holy. In the serie, they are often killed by chopping of their heads.

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Episode: Wendigo


The Wendigo, as described in the series, is a man that has turned to cannibalism due to loss off food, normally a miner or a lost traveler. This gives them the abilities of speed, strength and also to mimic the human sound. They can survive years without food and they definitely take there time on eating there prey (as told on the show). They live in very secluded areas, someplace dark and private where none could accidentally find them. They can be killed with fire.(Sam and Dean kill the Wendigo in the show with a flare gun)

Episode: Heart
Werewolves are people who, whilst they are asleep, and during the full moon, turn into flesh eating, wolf like monsters. When they wake up they have no memory of what they did. The only way to stop a werewolf is a silver bullet through the heart!

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A zombie is a person who has been brought back from the dead by necromancy. The only way to kill them is louring them back to their grave and stabbing them in the heart.
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Episode: Tall Tales, Mystery Spot.


A trickster is a Norse god that is immortal and has the ability to create things out of thin air. They mainly target high and mighty with a sense of humor (pranks). They also have a sweet-tooth and can shape into lots of things, human mostly.
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Episode: Scarecrow

A Paegan God, that is described in the series to have two sacrifices each year, one female and one male, to keep the near by towns trees and flowers in season/bloom.

The Carrigans



The Carrigans are winter paegan gods. Like the scarecrow they take sacrifices but they like to have more then there fair share. Like every other paegan god they have a ritual they have to perform before they eat.


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