Season One Aliases

1x01- Pilot
Aliases l Season One - Supernatural WikiAliases l Season One - Supernatural Wiki
Bert & Hector Aframian
- Hector Aframian is the name on the credit card Dean uses to book them into the motel. He and John received a pair of credit cards made out in the names of Bert and his son Hector. John used the Bert Aframian card to book himself into the same motel before Sam and Dean arrived.
Federal Marshals
- Although unnamed, Dean shows the policemen at the scene of Troy's disappearance his fake ID that states he is a US Marshal.
Ted Nugent
- This is the name that Dean gives when the police take him back for questioning. The real Ted Nugent is a guitarist who starting out playing with The Amboy Dukesbefore pursuing a successful solo career.

Reporter - Sam explains to Joseph Welch that he works with the other reporter who visited him earlier (i.e. John Winchester).
Troy's Uncles - Dean introduces himself and Sam to Amy as Troy's uncles from Modesto.



Wendigo A young man dressed in his military uniform and wearing a Marine Corps style hat. He is smiling.
UC Boulder Students - When they first meet Ranger Wilkinson, Dean states that they are environmental study majors from UC Boulder. (In real life, the University at Boulder is known as CU-Boulder, not UC.)

Friends of Hailey Collins - Ranger Wilkinson doesn't believe their stories about being students, and asks them if they were friends with Hailey Collins, the sister of one of the missing campers. Dean plays along in order to get more information about her.
Park Rangers : Samuel Cole - When Sam and Dean show up at Hailey's, Dean identifies themselves as park rangers, to which the girl asks for their ID's. Dean shows his, which has the name Samuel Cole on it. This might be in reference to Darrell S. (Samuel) Cole who won the metal of honor for his "conspicuous gallantry" at the Battle of Iwo Jima during WWII. The two continue to pose as park rangers when speaking to Mr. Shaw.

1x03 - Dead in the Water

Dead In The WaterAliases l Season One - Supernatural Wiki
US Wildlife Service : Agent Ford and Agent Hamill
- Dean introduces them to Will Carlton as Agent's Ford and Hamill from the US Wildlife Service. The guy's obviously a fan of the original Star Wars trilogy, as the names Ford and Hamill are the surnames of the two lead actors - Harrison Ford (Han Solo) and Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker).


1x04 - Phantom Traveler

Phantom Traveler

Aliases l Season One - Supernatural WikiAliases l Season One - Supernatural WikiAliases l Season One - Supernatural Wiki
Homeland Security : Jerry Wanek and Robert Singer - While talking to Max Jaffey and to get access to the initial plane's wreckage, Sam and Dean pose as agents from homeland security. Jerry Wanek is the name on the ID card of Dean's. Sam's gives his name as Robert Singer (but this can only be seen from theWB website). Robert Singer is one of the executive producers of the show (for whom the character Bobby Singer is named after), and Jerry Wanek is the production designer.
Call Center Survey Administrator - In order to find out who the plane demon will go after next, Sam calls all the rest of the survivors as though he were conducting a satisfaction survey for United Britannia Airlines.
Dr. James Hetfield - Dean identifies himself as Dr. James Hetfield from St. Francis Memorial Hospital when he speaks to Amanda on the airport phone. The real James Hetfield is the lead singer ofMetallica.
Vincent's Friend - When Amy realizes Dean's lying about being Dr. Hetfield, she demands to know if he's a friend of Vincent's. Dean goes along with it.
Bloody Mary
Ohio State Medical Students-When Sam and Dean sneak into the morgue to look at the body of Mr. Shoemaker, Dean tells the attendant they're med students from Ohio State University, and they need to see the body for a paper they're working on. (Dr. Feiklowicz [the name Dean got off a name plaque walking in] said they were coming.)
Co-workers of Mr. Shoemaker - The Winchesters go to Shoemaker's wake. In order to get close to his daughter, Donna, and find out what happened, they tell her they had worked with her dad.
Reporters-The boys pose as reporters find out some information Mary Worthington's murder from a detective who worked on the original case.
Antique Buyer -Sam calls Mary Worthington's brother to find out what happened to the mirror she died in front of, claiming to be someone who "would pay a lot of money" for it.
Son of the Owner ofEstate Antiques-At the antique shop, Dean goes outside to deal with unexpected police officers. He tells them that he's the son of the owner, and accidentally tripped the alarm. He realizes his ruse hasn't worked when one of the cops asks, "You're Mr. Yamashiro's son?" After that, he unconvincingly tries to pretend he was adopted.

1x06 -Skin

Police Detective - Sam tells his friend Rebecca that Dean is a policeman and might be able to help them. Dean elaborates and states that he is, in fact, a detective in Bisbee, Arizona.


1x07 -Hook Man

Hook Man

Police Detective - The episode opens with the tail end of one of Sam's phone conversations. When talking to Dean afterwards, Sam talks about how he's been combing through any and all police/FBI databases for any information on their dad's whereabouts. This infers that Sam was pretending to be a member of law enforcement, probably a detective, while on the phone.
Fraternity Brothers from Ohio-When arriving at Eastern Iowa University, all their aliases are based off of being fraternity brothers transferring from a university in Ohio, starting with talking to Rich's frat brothers who are fixing a car when they first arrive. Sam's identity is expanded a little when Dean implies Sam's an art major so that Sam is stuck painting the back of their new roommate at the frat house, Murph. Later, when meeting the Sorensons, Dean pulls the reverend away so Sam can talk to Lori by pretending to be looking for a new church group. Finally, their fraternity identities are expanded a little further when the Winchesters are released from the Claumet County jail. Dean pats himself on the back by explaining he told the sheriff that Sam was a "dumbass pledge" who was being hazed during Hell Week, which reduced their sentence to a simple fine.

1x08 - Bugs

Dustin Burwash's Nephews
- When the two boys meet Travis Weaver at Oklahoma Gas & Power, Dean asks him if he worked with "Uncle Dusty."
Prospective Home Buyers
- Trying to get some more information on the events at Oasis Plains, Dean and Sam go to an open house, and indicate they're looking to buy. Both Larry Pike and Linda Bloom mistake them for a gay couple until they explain that they want the house for their father.
Anthropology Students - The Winchesters talk to the professor about the bones they found, and tell him that they are in his Anthropology 101 class.

Travis Weaver - Trying to get the Pikes out of their house for the night, Dean calls Larry, telling him he's Travis Weaver, and that there's a big gas leak under their house.

1x09 - Home

Aliases l Season One - Supernatural Wiki
Police Detectives - Sam and Dean visit a mechanic that worked with their dad until he disappeared twenty years prior. After the mechanic wonders why the cops would care after all that time, Dean tells him they're working on some cold cases, including the John Winchester disappearance.


1x10 -Asylum

Aliases l Season One - Supernatural WikiAliases l Season One - Supernatural Wiki
Chicago Tribune Reporter : Nigel Tufnell
- While at The Old Terminal Pub, Dean introduces himself to officer Daniel Gunderson as Nigel Tufnell from the Chicago Tribunenewspaper. Nigel Tufnell is a character from the 1984 mockumentary This is Spinal Tap. He's the band Spinal Tap's lead guitarist, and was played by Christopher Guest.

Good Samaritan - As part of their plan to get information about Officer Walter Kelly, Sam gets on Gunderson's good side by throwing the bothersome "Tufnell" out of the bar.
Person in Need of Therapy -Sam and Dean, when they first visit Roosevelt Asylum, Dean finds a plaque with the name of it's last Chief of Staff, Dr.Sanford Ellicott. To find out more about him, Sam pretends to be a new patient to Sanford's son, Dr. James Ellicott, who's a psychiatrist in town.

1x11 -Scarecrow

ScarecrowAliases l Season One - Supernatural Wiki
Friend of Vince and Holly Parker : John Bonham
- When he arrives in front of Scotty's Cafe, Dean introduces himself to Scotty as John Bonham, a friend of the missing Parkers. John Bonham was most famously the drummer forLed Zeppelin, a fact that Scotty recognizes.


1x12 - Faith

Aliases l Season One - Supernatural WikiAliases l Season One - Supernatural Wiki
Mr. Berkowitz -
This is the name on the credit card Sam gives the nurse at the hospital to pay for Dean's medical bills. (He's electrocuted at the scene before.) There is a famous person with the same surname: David Berkowitz, the serial killer who went by the name Son of Sam.


1x13 -Route 666

Aliases l Season One - Supernatural Wiki
Insurance Investigators -
To talk to Ron Stubbins about Jimmy Anderson, Dean and Sam both claim to be with the dead man's insurance company: All National Mutual.


1x14 -Nightmare

NightmareAliases l Season One - Supernatural Wiki
Detective McCreedy
- After Sam has his first vision (Jim Miller's murder), posing as a policemen, he phones in a "480," giving his name as McCreedy and his badge number as 15a. The badge itself shows McCreedy to be with the Michigan State police.
Father Simmons and Father Frehley -
In full disguise as priests, the WInchesters get into the Miller house, and use the opportunity to take a sneaky look around. Dean introduces himself and Sam to Roger Miller as Father's Simmons and Frehley. Gene Simmons and Ace Frehley are two members of the rock band KISS who had a famous falling out with each other.


1x15 -The Benders

The Benders
Minnesota State Police: Officer Gregory Washington -
When Sam and Dean talk to Evan, they're dressed as though they are state sheriffs. When Officer Kathleen looks up Dean's ID, she confronts him about how that ID was stolen from the real Officer Washington, a black man.

Sam's Cousin - To get help from Officer Kathleen in his hunt for Sam, Dean pretends to be Sam's cousin. (Due to the events in the episode Skin, Dean Winchester is believed to have been a murderer who was shot to death.)


1x16 -Shadow

Technicians : PF Alarm Service-
Sam and Dean get into Meredith's apartment by pretending to be technicians from Meredith's alarm company trying to find out what went wrong with her system. They wear company overalls (which Dean gripes they paid for with his "hard earned" money) with their own first names stitched into the labels.


1x17 - Hell House

Hell House
Reporters : Dallas Morning News
- When Dean and Sam first go in to talk to Craig, they introduce themselves as reporters. They claim to be from the Dallas Morning News wanting to write about the girl found dead in the Hell House that disappeared.

Hollywood Producer- Sam phoned Harry and Ed pretending to be a famous Hollywood producer in order to get them to leave town.


1x18 - Something Wicked

Something Wicked
Dr. Jerry Kaplan
- Sam claims to be Dr. Jerry Kaplan from the CDC, despite the fact that his ID lists him as a Bikini Inspector. There is a real Jerry Kaplan who is a entrepreneur in the computer industry.
Kris Warren
- This is the name on the credit card that Dean uses for the motel room. The real Kris Warren works for Wonderland Productions who are involved in the show.


1x19 - Provenance

TV Scouts
- When Dean is trying to pick up a couple of women at a bar, he tells them that he and Sam are LA TV Scouts looking for people with special skills.
Sam and Dean Connors
- Claiming to be Art Dealers with Connors Ltd, Sam and Dean get into the auction house. Luckily, Sam studied Art History which makes them more believable.


1x20 -Dead Man's Blood

Dead Man's Blood
No aliases used.


1x21 -Salvation

No aliases used.


1x22 -Devil's Trap

Devil's Trap
No aliases used.




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