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Full name: Castiel
Species: Angel
Related Date: November 22, 2008
Angel Of: Thursday
Symbol: The Archer
First Appearance: Lazarus Rising
Height: 5'11"
Hair: brown
Eyes: blue
Occupation: angel - helps the boys
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The Angel of: Thursday, New Changes, Travel
Description: Castiel is an Angel of Thursday and will help anyone born on this day or anyone who asks for help on this day. The Angel can help us if there are changes in our life which may involve a lot of traveling or moving to a new country and we need guidance.
Colours: Pastel Green.
Season: Autumn
Month: November
Day: Thursday
Keywords: Beginnings, Passion, Understanding.
Gemstones: Topaz
Symbol: The Archer
Tarot: Temperance
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Castiel (played by Misha Collins) first appears in episode 4.01 Lazarus Rising, as the "Angel of the Lord" who pulls Dean from Hell. He tries to communicate with him twice after his resurrection, but fails to do so after incorrectly assuming Dean is capable of withstanding the power of his voice. He later meets with Dean within the body of a human host, and tells him that he had raised him because God has work for him to do. Dean is skeptical, but both Bobby and Sam believe the claim to be true, as there is no other being that they can find or know of that is capable of pulling a soul out of Hell and that is also immune to all the known methods of killing supernatural creatures.

In episode 4.02, Are You There, God? It's Me, Dean Winchester, Castiel appears to Dean again, congratulating him for dealing with the Witnesses. However, Dean is angry with him for knowing about the event but not assisting them. Castiel explains that he was busy on other battlefields, and tells Dean of the importance of the Witnesses and how they are just one of 66 seals. Upon more questioning, the angel reveals that Lilith is breaking the seals in order to free Lucifer, an event they are trying to stop at all costs. After some more condescending remarks from him, Castiel tells Dean that "six of his brothers" had died that week, and if Dean didn't want to be sent back to Hell, he had better show some respect.

Castiel later sends Dean back through time in episode 4.03, In the Beginning, to when Azazel had made a pact with Mary Winchester to show Dean all that they know of the demon's plan. However, he admits that they are unaware of the main goal that he had for his psychic children. When Castiel returns Dean to the present, he tells him that they are unsure of Sam's part in Azazel's plan and that Sam is headed down a dangerous road. Pointing out that Sam, who had left in the night to go with Ruby, is not in the hotel room, Castiel tells Dean of his brother's location and gives an ultimatum: either stop Sam, or the angels will.

In episode 4.07 It's The Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester, Castiel meets Sam in person for the first time. Although Sam is humbled and awed by his presence, the angel is initially hesitant to even shake Sam's hand (although eventually does so) but proceeds to shatter many of Sam's illusions about angels by referring to him as "the boy with the demon blood". He then begins to speak with Dean about the witch the brothers were hunting, warning them that she sought to break one of the 66 seals. He reveals that they cannot allow another seal to be lost, having brought a "specialist" angel, Uriel, to smite the entire town in an effort to destroy the witch. Both Sam and Dean are understandably upset that they would consider such a method, and Dean eventually manages to convince them otherwise by refusing to leave the town. Being important to heaven, and seemingly God, the angels wouldn't dare kill him. Castiel, having appeared already reluctant to carry out his supposed orders, allows Dean to do as he wishes. In a later conversation with Uriel, he chastises his partner for insulting humanity by referring to them as "mud monkeys", and tells him that they must continue following their "true orders." After the Winchester brothers manage to vanquish the demon Samhain, Castiel pays Dean another visit, revealing to him that their real orders were to follow his orders. He then tells Dean that he finds humans to be "works of art," being creations of his Father, and that he was praying that he would choose to save the town. He then confesses, in confidence, that he sometimes has doubts about distinguishing what is truly right and what is truly wrong any more. He leaves Dean with a warning that Hell would be brought to earth if they failed, and that he doesn't envy Dean the weight on the his shoulders.

In episode 4.09 I Know What You Did Last Summer, Castiel returns with Uriel seeking Anna Milton, a girl with a special ability to "hear" all the communications between the angels. They plan to kill the girl, though for reasons beyond the brothers' initial understanding. It is later revealed in Heaven and Hell that Anna was once an angel, and that she outranked Castiel much in the same way he is above Uriel. Thus, not only could she be interrogated by Hell for what she can hear, but also of what she already knows of Heaven. Though the group managed to escape him and Uriel, the two angels eventually track them down with information from a reluctant Dean. They had threatened to send him back to Hell, and although he still resisted, he eventually relented when they threatened to kill Sam as well. Castiel chose not to deliver this message, as according to Uriel, he liked Dean too much.

Once there, Castiel expresses regret at having to kill Anna. She coolly replies to him that he couldn't feel the full scope of that emotion. Before they can carry out their plan, however, they are confronted by Alistair and two of his demon minions. A fight ensues, and Castiel attempts to destroy Alistair while Uriel deals with the others. Unfortunately, Alistair proves far stronger than he imagined, and not only rebuffs the angel's attempts, but easily knocks him down with a single strike. The demon then begins to chant a spell of an unknown purpose, which seems to be potent enough to strike fear in Castiel. He is saved by Dean, and then all of them are rescued when Anna regains her grace and, with it, her angelic powers. Although Uriel nearly vents his frustration on Dean, Castiel stops him, and the two leave peacefully.

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As an Angel of God, Castiel is an extremely powerful being. Merely perceiving his actual form typically results in blindness, as the appearance of his natural "visage" is so overwhelming that it is capable of burning a individual's eyes from their sockets, including those possessed by a demon. However, according to Castiel himself, certain "special people" are able to tolerate his true appearance and voice. He initially believed Dean to be one of these special individuals, yet his ignorance led only to two failed attempts to contact Dean. Apparently, one can protect themselves from such personal damage by shielding their eyes, and perhaps their ears, from the presence of a Angel, as demonstrated by Sam and Dean in "Heaven and Hell".

Castiel possesses astounding power, though his abilities are apparently not completely limitless. He is apparently immortal and invulnerable to mortal harm. At the end of "Lazarus Rising", he absorbed several shotgun blasts directly to the chest of his host, which did not so much as faze him. He is capable of possessing a Human and fully utilizing their body, yet he claims that his host is, or possibly was, a "devout man who prayed for it". This possibly indicates that Castiel is adverse to possessing a sentient being, and would not had done so if the man had not prayed for it, though he has not appeared to be particularly fazed by this. Castiel typically displays very little emotion and always exhibits an extremely somber disposition. He has not been observed to smile or express any strong emotions. According to the fallen Angel Anna, Angels possibly do not possess the ability to truly feel emotion. However, Castiel frequently exhibits what could be referred to as friendly affection towards Dean, and seems to at the very least come close to expressing regret, hesitance, and anger several times.

Castiel also possesses the ability to seemingly vanish and materialize from thin air. How he accomplishes this has not been elaborated on, yet as he is an Angel and possesses wings, he could possibly be flying from one place to another, only moving so fast as to become unperceivable. Another possibility is that he possesses an ability to teleport, though flying seems to be more likely, as both he and his partner have been observed suddenly appearing at a location accompanied by the sound of flapping wings and a sudden rush of air. Though he typically seems to attempt to avoid fighting, he is a very formidable opponent when need be, and is apparently practically unstoppable when facing mortal beings. As Uriel exhibited superhuman strength when battling two demons in the episode "Heaven and Hell", Castiel most likely possesses such physical power as well. He possesses the ability to kill or exorcise a demon simply by touching his palm to the forehead of it's host, yet the demon Alastair proved to possess complete immunity from such an attack. Castiel usually deals with troublesome Humans by touching his finger to their foreheads, which apparently results in instant unconsciousness. He is also fully immune to every defense used against demons and other supernatural entities, such as salt barriers and Ruby's Dagger.

Castiel also possesses the ability to bend time and teleport himself and another backwards through time. Perhaps Castiel's most impressive ability observed to date was his removal of Dean's soul from Hell and the apparent resurrection of Dean that followed. Apparently, Castiel is not only capable of entering and exiting Hell at will and without harm, but also of extracting a particular soul in the process. Castiel also appears to be capable of projecting at least a portion of his true self from his host, as at the end of "Lazarus Rising", he was able to display the shadows of his wings to Dean as proof that he was in fact what he claimed. Despite his vast power and knowledge, however, Castiel is not completely immune to harm. He can apparently be hurt and killed by powerful demons. Also, in the episode "Are you there God? It's me, Dean Winchester", he claims to Dean that six of his "brothers" were recently killed in battle, indicating that Castiel himself and Angels in general are not fully immune to death and harm.

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