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Here is a partial list of the Twitter accounts of many cast and crew members in the SPN family from actors to production people to executive producers:




Discuss last week's episode "Drag Me Away (From You)" HERE!

Nice interview with Jared and Jensen about the end of Supernatural.  Click here.

(Some gorgeous fan art by @OfflArjun)

A new poster from the CW for this final mini season.

Filming was completed on

September 10, 2020.

A few photos of Jensen from the last two weeks of filming.

It's time to enjoy 4 new episodes.
mid season promo 2019
Season 15 starts 
Season 15 poster
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A note about the Supernatural Fan Wiki
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This site was originally hosted by Wetpaint. The site thrived under Wetpaint. Wetpaint was then acquired by WikiFoundry. The age of the site's platform started to become an issue. Admins periodically could not add photos or create or edit pages. At one point the site appeared to be gone for months.
The owner of WikiFoundry generously agreed to a request to help save the site by transferring ownership to the current admins.
In October of 2020, after months of essential help from Alice Jester, a GENIUS of a fan at the Winchester Family Business fan site, this site was updated to a WordPress platform and hosting was shifted to the folks who also host the Winchester Family Business, so that it, and all the work done on it by fans over the years, can live on after the show ends.
This means that not everything survived the migration, but we took as much as we could. The site has a new look and everyone will have to re-register.  Your old profile pages HAVE been saved, but must be retrieved by admin and linked to your new registration.  Instructions on how to reach admin for that to follow soon!
We hope you've stayed with us through the changeover to a site where all the navigation actually works again.  Pages from the old site will be moved to the new format over the course of 2020 and 2021.  To start, links will send you to a mix of old-format and new format. Please continue to participate in after-episode discussions on the new platform as we enjoy these very last new episodes in the long-postponed end of season 15.
We were determined not to lose this site that has fostered many great discussions and lifelong real-life friendships.

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Check out this incredibly hilarious video outtake from the Unhuman Nature episode! We always hear about Jared and Jensen trying to break their costars on camera. How can anyone get any work done?
Unhuman Nature 1
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The Metalliblog
The Metalliblog!

The Metalliblog is back!  However, it has been on a LONG hiatus since summer of 2019. There haven't been any in-person SPN conventions or cast member concerts in recent months, though Metlliblog contributors had tickets and plans for both. Hopefully, those plans will only be postponed until 2021.  The blog will resurface with the news and excitement surrounding the filming of the final two episodes and the airing of the final seven. Click on the link above to read blog posts from the admins. If any member wants to blog, contact journalbookbinder


impala with lights on


OCTOBER 29, 2020

See the Photos!

Discuss Unity in our new discussion forums (discussion page will be set up before the episode airs) - you can comment as a guest without registering


Series finale on November 19th.  The night of the finale, they will run an hour retrospective before the final episode.
8:00 pm
7:00 central
on the CW

The series finale episode is
now scheduled for November 19, 2020

Read how it all began:
Eric Kripke's Original Pitch for Supernatural
So interesting to read it 14 years into our favorite show!
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(photo by Chris Schmelke)

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Jensen's ALBUM recorded with Steve Carlson is OUT NOW! Radio Company - Vol. 1. It can be purchased on iTunes and many other digital services. They claim they are working on Vol. 2 now.
Jensen's project with Steve Carlson 1
Jensen's project with Steve Carlson 2

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Richard Speight Jr. has an album that came out November 22nd of 2019! If it's anything like his contributions to Jason Manns' albums, or his performances at the convention Saturday Night Special concerts, it will be worth buying. Search "Dick Jr. & The Volunteers" on iTunes to find it and purchase! Also, the cover art was done by the acclaimed Hatch Show Print in Nashville, TN where they still do small batch wood block printing. Cool.
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What Jared will be doing after Supernatural:
The CW has ordered to series the reboot of Walker, Texas Ranger and has ordered it sight-unseen as the pilot has not been shot yet. They are calling it a "reimagining" of the original and it will not have much in common with the show that starred Chuck Norris (no martial arts). Jared will be both the star and an executive producer. Walker will start filming this October in Austin, several weeks after Supernatural wraps series filming. The pushed-back mid-season premiere is now slated for January 2021. Most of the main roles have been cast - Walker's female partner, his "conservative gay" brother, his two children, his mother, and SPN and X-Files alum Mitch Pileggi will play Walker's father!  And Gen Padalecki will have a recurring role as Walker's late wife (in flashbacks).
It was also announced that Walker will air in Supernatural's Thursday night time slot.
Walker, Texas Ranger
What Jensen will be doing after Supernatural:
It has been announced (by Jensen himself on Instagram) that he will be taking on the role of Soldier Boy in season 3 of Eric Kripke's Amazon Prime series "The Boys". Fans of the comic book say that this character is an old-fashioned WWII veteran and the first celebrity superhero in this universe, but he is more like a cowardly take on Captain America. Many have looked forward to the day Jensen can be in something where he can swear; and this is definitely that (Eric Kripke said it wil be R-rated and there will be so much swearing) but, ironically, fans of the comic have pointed out that the character he will be playing is something of a throw-back who does not swear because he's from a different era.  The character he'll be playing is also bisexual in the comics, or at least up for some attempted career advancement via same-sex relations.  And he wears short as part of his superhero costume. It should be VERY interesting.  The Boys films in Toronto.
Can't wait to see what Jensen does with this role.
(fan art from @comic_rev on Twitter)
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Season 15
Episode 17
Written by: Meredith Glynn
Directed by: Catriona McKenzie
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Dean 2017


-Jared promo photo 2017
Misha 2018
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